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Pentaho Reporting offers a large number of styling options for your elements. It is now ddsigner to preview the report. When the report runs, the data is filled in.

Pentaho Tutorial

Each page of a report contains deisgner special areas. Add a group by switching to the “structure view”. Useful reports are more than just plain lists of data. Drag the function into the report’s page-footer.

Pentaho Reporting comes with a wide variety of data sources. The Properties panel allows you to adjust the settings of the currently available selection. When generating a report, the reporting engine will print all elements of the detail band with the data from all rows.

Designeer can get all the data for this report from a single database table. By enabling the Notify me when unsupported development releases are available option, you receive update notification repor there are development releases.

Click New Report to open the report workspace. SQL is a data query language for databases. The following image represents a schematic report as it may appear on the page: The workspace is divided into several bands as shown in the following picture.

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You can enable automatic repirt checker in Report Designer if you did not enable it during installation.

When you apply the formatting, you will notice that the text product line element is no longer fully displayed. If you opt out of the version checker, you can still check for updates manually. Giving your bands a different background colour can also aid your readers in comprehending your report better.

Creating Your First Report – Pentaho Reporting – Pentaho Wiki

Most of these styling options are similar to what you can find in a text processing application like OpenOffice. To make it easier for our customers to find the products within the catalogue, the items should be grouped by product line and sorted by their name.

This is what you will learn to create. So let’s add a touch of colour and lets make the heading stand out more.

Instead, it relies on the databases to provide suitably sorted results. The optional “aggregation-group” attribute can be used to override the used group for the aggregation. In the dialog that opens up, enter the group name “Product Line Group”. Add tutorual space for each group by giving more space to the group header.


If you aggregate the contents of a field for sum, min, max desiigner averageyou need to specify the field in the “field” attribute of the element.

Pentaho Reporting offers three ways to change the font style or text colour. To return to the design mode click on the “Design Mode” icon. In the dialog that opens up, select the Page-of-Pages function from the “Common Functions” group.

During desgner preview the reporting engine generate a full report for you. With groups you can keep similar items together and allows you to visually separate these items from other groups of items. Turnable front wheels; steering function; detailed interior; detailed engine; opening hood; opening trunk; opening doors; and ;entaho chassis.

The sample reports that ship with Pentaho Reporting use the “steel-wheels” dataset. In this tutorial, we create a new report from scratch without using the Report Design Wizard.