May 24, 2019

IR3M02 from Sharp Corporation. Find the PDF Datasheet, Specifications and Distributor Information. IR3M02 Pulse Width Modulation Type Switching Regulator Contrl ic. Details, datasheet, quote on part number: IR3M Electronic component datasheet for IR3M02 manufacturer SHARP. Free doqnload!.

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I think your voltage doubler circuit is unbalanced due to an open main cap or maybe an open thermistor?

Here’s a datasbeet 1. DMM’s are just not fast enough. The caps will explode. Not exhaustive but the best i can do. I’m out of ideas but thinking you may be right that the primary of T1 is shorted. They do have a failure rate in which they’ll tend to fail shorted. In my previous post I was trying to explain an unbalanced doubler.

Datasheet Page , pdf datasheet & application note

I would think in an overcurrent condition you would be able to hear a ticking sound. They are in the post but Xmas postage is a disaster. The datasheet i found for it is dreadful quality. I’ve been poking around that IR3M02 since my last post before Xmas, and everything seems to be ok-ish. The power supply will not try to start again until the main caps have discharged so needs to be off then caps discharge to reset. Both cathodes should be pointing to C1, both anodes should be pointing to C2.

Then check the AC across each of the main filters individually.

That can’t be right. I’m not sure if this is the circuit or just the multimeter, its very cheap. Yes I got a kick from the fan. I’m using datassheet DMM so I’m not entirely sure if the power transistors are switching to pulse through the transformer. Its been a while since I read the values on a power resistor, is the placement of the ohm symbol supposed to indicate the multiplier? Each of T2 ir3m022 T3 is connected to a power transistor, and the other side of T2 and T3 lead back to the control circuitry.


I have checked the voltages switch and it’s set correctly.

IR3M02 数据手册 ( 数据表 ) – Sharp Electronics

From the source above I have narrowed it down datasheft the control section. As far as I can tell, it doesn’t affect this part, I will have to check more closely. Ok well i have been looking around and around, tried many things as the source of the problem, and still i am no further.

Damn this is getting complicated. I tried to scan it to avoid perspective, but the capacitors are too high, which makes the PCB very dark. Ive got a bit of a headache right now so i will investigate it later.

Otherwise I think you will have a difficult job in reviving your power supply. They are electrically parallel. I will try to do a circuit diagram ir3m20 of this part of the circuitand point them dwtasheet. Then check how the comparators are performing, to do this you will need a couple of DC power supplies.

If they are unequal, that AC might be subtracted across T1. This makes me think i have been in completely the wrong area. Its infuriating me, but then it is my PSU: The other, 3W 51[ohm symbol]K, has one leg connected to one side of the main transformer T5, and via a ceramic capacitor to a tiny transformer T4.


Good Idea I am going to try to get an early nights sleep to night. From what i understand it is not needed usually. Don’t know the history at all. One time a coworker and I were doing overtime work in the evening. If one of those fails, it’s usually as a short. Without a schematic, it will be hard to figure out which caps are bad but I would suspect the ones on the 5V supply used for a sample voltage.

Something is wrong with your voltage switching. Usually, on a supply of this vintage, there’s a voltage selector switch mounted on the power supply case that selects between and v. I get V Then check the AC across each of the main filters individually. The transformer doesn’t seem to have any markings on it indicating what it is. A power supply driving a direct short would immediately go into shutdown tick mode without giving enough power for the fan to start.

Yes – looking at your drawing again. It’s probably the lighting but I circled what sure looks like a solder crack I see what you mean and in the picture it does look like that.

IR3M02 Datasheet

The faq you referenced should have the jumper J1 removed for VAC operation. The LM requires a power supply voltage of: The fact that the fan spins temporarily then stops indicates the power supply is starting up then shutting down due to a fault.

I vote for those, too. What are you using for a load?