November 29, 2018

BOILER MOUNTING. Definition – various valves and fittings are required for the safe and proper working of a boiler. Those attached directly to the pressure parts . Certain fittings are necessary on a boiler to ensure its safe operation. They are usually referred to as boiler mountings. The mountings usually found on a boiler . Posts about Boiler Mountings written by engrraihan.

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Mica is placed on the water side of the glass to protect against erosion and chemical bioler of the high temperature water. This site uses cookies. They are used for connecting and isolating the feed water lines to and from the boiler.

Similarly the superheater should be set to close last. Feed check valve Boiler accessories 1.

These are the fittings, which are mounted or installed on the boiler for its appropriate and safe working Water level indicator Pressure gauge Safety valve Steam Stop valve Blow off cock Feed check valve Fusible plug Mountings Descriptions: For superheated steam the aggregate area through the seating of the valves is increased, the formula is. External corrosion can be caused by persistent leakage at mounting flanges and manhole doors.

Lancashire Boiler Construction, Working with Diagram.

Boiler mountings

It is fixed in front of the boiler. Gauge glasses, safety valves, feed check valve, and steam stop valves are all checked for corrosion, erosion, strength, and correct operation. Internal examination is made for cracks, corrosion wastage, or deformation of shell plating.

Small vertical boilers may be fitted wit a series of test cocks to ascertain the level, this is deemed unsuitable for boilers moujtings 8. For the normal operation of the boiler the boiler mountings are essential, some of the boiler mountings are:. Is connected directly to the boiler or desuperheater outlet, if fitted for the purpose of connecting or isolating the steam to the omuntings steam lines.

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This avoids the explosion that may takes place because of the overheating of the furnace plate.

Boiler mountings

Pitting corrosion in the area of the water level to be checked for, especially on idle boilers where liberated dissolved gas was not removed from the boiler with steam. Registration Forgot your password? The boiler hoiler is fitted with two safety valves and the superheater is provided with one.

Feed Check Valve It is non-return valve and fitted to a screwed spindle to regulate the lift. The valve chest is normally made of cast steel. A chief engineer with three years experience may then set the safety valve but must submit information to surveyor for issue of certificate. mkuntings

Boiler Mountings and Accessories – Mechanical Booster

They are used in the boiler to improve its efficiency. Materials for all parts must be non corrodible. On some designs a second adjustable ring is mounted on the nozzle, this allows adjustment of the ‘warn’ or ‘simmering’period and increases the popping power.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. A ball is located in the water side to prevent large quantities of water entering the engineroom in the event of the glass failing and the subsequent large expansion of the water as it flashes off to steam.

This protects the superheater from excessive temperature by insuring a steam flow through it. As these mountings play an important role in the normal operation of the boiler, it has to be inspected for the safe operation of the boiler. It is used to measure the pressure of the steam inside the boiler.

A check valve is then installed on the outlet of the economizer and is considered a boiler mounting in lieu of the main and auxiliary feed stop valve. The requirements are that there must be two independent means of reading the boiler water level.


Waste steam pipes are hammer tested and all drains in exhaust system checked. Auth with social network: The initial lift is produced when the steam pressure under the disc exceeds the spring pressure.

Published by Virginia Pope Modified over 3 years ago. A boiler left mountongs an undisturbed water level for some length of time can develop serious pitting. When securing the boiler Or at any other time proper flow through the superheater is doubtful.

Seen fitted to large high pressure boilers. To put off the fire in the furnace of the boiler when the level of water in the boiler falls to an unsafe limit and thus avoids the explosion which may biiler due to overheating of the furnace plate. If you find anything missing or incorrect than let me know about it through your comments. Another reason for boiled is the cock twisting, hence the cocks are all arranged so that in their bojler working positions, i.

This valve is used to permit the escape of air when filling and lighting off a boiler. About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. Coast Guard Marine Inspector every 10 years.

If the water level were to fall h would be reduced, x increase and H would be increased. Download ppt “Boiler Mountings. Over raise adjustment of this ring can lead to mal-operation with the valve not fully opening.