December 6, 2018

SSPC VIS 1: Guide and Reference Photographs for Steel Surfaces Prepared by Dry Abrasive Blast Cleaning. SSPC-VIS 1 | Surfaces Cleaned Using Metallic & Non-Metallic Abrasives E , SSPC-VIS 4 Guide and reference photographs for steel surfaces prepared. Using SSPC-VIS 1 Guide. Using SSPC-VIS 3 Guide. Using ISO Assessing Surface Dust. Surface Soluble Salt Detection. Non-lon Specific Analysis.

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SSPC VIS 1 Guide For Determining Surface Cleanliness

Step 2 — Turn to the section of the book that depicts the various degrees of cleaning over the selected initial condition. Study Book Corrosion Handbook Shop. This includes personalizing content and advertising. With such a wide variation of staining allowed, it is not surprising that the photographs will never look identical to a Commercial Blast cleaned surface since the amount of staining can vary quite a bit.

Shows a total of six different wspc surfaces two uncoated and four previously coated sspcc and after waterjetting. Send Us Your Feedback. Appendix photographs show variations in white metal surfaces caused by different metallic and non-metallic abrasives, profile depth, angle of view, and lighting. Likewise, the abrasive used, depth of surface profile, and lighting will be different than the reference photos.

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SSPC-VIS 1 Pictorial surface standard dry blast cleaning

Using the SSPC visual guide can reduce the degree of subjectivity sspx with evaluating surface cleanliness. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Figure 6 shows the appearance of five grades of blast cleaning over an initial condition consisting of deteriorated paint with rust and pitting.


Product Documents nl Datasheet pdf. Figure 6 — Appearance of five grades of blast cleaning over an initial condition consisting of deteriorated paint with rust and pitting. Photographs illustrate two degrees of cleaning WAB 6 szpc WAB 10 for each initial condition, with additional photos that depict the appearance of light, moderate, and heavy flash rust after cleaning.

SSPC-VIS 1 Pictorial surface standard dry blast cleaning – Optimiza Store

Add to cart Quick View. Updates at Farwest Corrosion Have any questions? Rectifier Monitors Test Station Monitors. The photographs in the guides depict the appearance of surfaces both prior to and after cleaning.

The precise distribution of allowable material staining will also vary, leading to differences in appearance. Also contains photos of SP 11 surfaces with a restored profile, a revised guide to the use of reference photographs, a new table of standards and conditions depicted, and additional explanatory notes. Product Added to Quote Remove from Quote. Surfaces prepared to 5 levels of cleanliness Brush-off, Industrial, Commercial, Near-white and White Metal over each initial condition are provided.

Shows a total of seven different steel surfaces four uncoated and three previously coated before and after hand tool cleaning SP 2power tool cleaning with power wire brushes and sanding discs SP 3power tool cleaning to bare metal SP 11ssc commercial grade power tool cleaning SP Because of this, it is important to first select the photographs that most closely approximate the initial condition. Reset Cancel Submit Sending We use cookies to understand how you use our site and to improve your experience.


Figure 7 — Series of gis being compared with the blast cleaned surface in the background.

We appreciate your feedback! The photos are secondary to the written word. Accordingly, it is important to use the photos as a guide for the appearance rather than as an absolute comparison. Now with guides in both English and Spanish!

How to Use SSPC Vis Guides in Practice

Step 1 — The first step in using any of the guides is to identify the photographs that most closely depict the initial condition of the steel that will be cleaned. Five grades of cleaning the same four plus SP14 are depicted for painted initial conditions G 1G 2, and G 3. Pictorial Standard shows two uncoated, rusted steel surfaces Conditions C and D before and after wet abrasive blast cleaning.

This includes personalizing content and advertising. Inspection Instruments Pipeline Coatings — Volume 2: Calibration Possibility Declaration of conformity Calibration Certificate.

Text and tables provide a guide to the use of the reference photographs; a scale and description of standard rust grades; a comparison of SSPC, ASTM, ISO, and other rust grade scales; and other useful information.