December 19, 2018

4 Mar Mivan’ is basically an aluminium formwork construction technology developed by Mivan Company from Malaysia, hence the name Mivan. Mivan is basically an aluminium formwork system developed by one of the construction company from Europe. In , the Mivan Company Ltd from Malaysia. Construction technology is fast evolving in the Indian real estate market. Aluminium wall formwork, commonly known as MIVAN technology is an excellent .

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As we talk about these innovations in the real estate market taking shape and changing the course of the conventional techniques used, there still lies a huge gap in the need and application of this technology.

Technology innovations in real estate: Narendra Kharkhanis, Pashmina Builders – The Economic Times

Setting Up The Wall Reinforcing Steel — This is used to provide structure to the building and support the concrete till they gain 50 percent of the essential strength. Innovation in Construction Technology. They can be manufactured in any size and shape to suit the requirements of specific projects. This innovative form of work is quite suitable for constructing houses in large volumes at a faster speed.

This produces a lightweight panel with an excellent stiffness to weight ratio, yielding minimal deflection under concrete loading. Factually, Mivan is an aluminium formwork system manufactured by Mivan Company Ltd, Malaysia in the year The new gen developers are giving the required thrust to these new construction technologies which in turn is providing the much-needed global shape to the construction industry.

Formwork for the New Age. The need of using this technology is soaring due to its fast speed of construction and easy applicability for mass housing besides various other advantages like good quality and durability of the structure.

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Follow Us facebook twitter. Irrespective of so many attractive advantages, the demerits of this formwork cannot be ignored. Construction technology is fast evolving in the Indian real estate market. The urban population of India has been growing at a rapid rate and so has the demand for urban housing, but, the construction sector has failed to meet these rising demands at a quick pace.

Mivan is tdchnology an aluminium formwork system developed by one of the construction company from Europe.

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In technical terms, a huge number of houses can be constructed at much faster speed using Mivan shuttering as this system of formwork construction runs the structural mivsn in one continuous pour.

Lesser number of joints thereby reducing the leakages and enhancing the durability. However this is a game of volumes, requiring large scaled projects with similar layouts in order to gain the cost-effective benefit. This proves to be a major advantage as compared to mvan modern construction techniques.

Narendra Kharkhanis, Pashmina Builders. The concrete is produced in RMC batching plants under strict quality control and convey it to site with transit mixers.

Mivan to be a new age construction technology

Change is inevitable in the real estate industry. Mivan technology fits into this requirement of mass housing and technoology the purpose pretty well. In order to ensure that there is a conscious movement from the conventional to the unconventional methods, unskilled to skilled labour, time saving and superior quality output, there needs to be a greater application and acceptance of these technologies by technolpgy developers across India.

Higher carpet area- is increased due to shear walls the walls are thin thus increasing area. The new generation of developers are giving the required momentum to these new technologies in turn providing the much needed shape to the construction industry.


Merits And Demerits Of Mivan Technology

Large room sized forms for walls and floors slabs are technolofy at site. Enter your search terms. In MumbaiIndia there are number of buildings constructed with the help of the above system which has been proved to be very economical and satisfactory for Indian Construction Environment.

Software Application to Formwork Design.

With professionalism on the rise there is more and more emphasis given to tschnology consciousness and timely delivery of projects giving impetus to the switch from conventional to innovative methods. The pin and wedge system is used to join these forms, these can be quickly dismantled once the concrete structure is ready. Faster completion – Unsurpassed construction speed can be achieved due to light weight of aluminium form ix.

It produces total quality work which requires minimum maintenance and when durability is the prime consideration. When the formwork is removed technolkgy high-quality concrete finish is shaped with precise tolerances and verticality which invalidates the need for additional plastering. Many other advantages of Mivan technology are as follows.

In Mivan, walls and slabs are cast simultaneously at site by use of easy going light weight aluminium shuttering formwork. Now a days more than 30, sq m of formwork used in the world are under their operation. Introduction to Construction Industry. Here Are 14 Easy Tips Oct 30, Uniform quality of construction vii.