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He was also worrying that the interview would cause trouble for my parents, who live in Portugal. Another was the extremely low wages paid to agricultural contract workers.

This situation increased the hatred between the races. He worked with his African colleagues to improve health, education and agriculture in native villages. Social Sciences and Missions The missionaries had none.

Methodists were located to the north of Angola and their work emphasized education. The missionaries could not obtain a permit to work in Angola until they passed those exams. They were imprisoned in Malanje, Luanda, and for the last ten weeks livrl Lisbon, Portugal 1. They have never acknowledge to our knowledge that they have any blame in this situation.

I still think that was sort of the cause for our imprisonment. The persecutions of Protestant pastors and teachers increased and the missionaries became targets of violent attacks.


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He proceeded to tell the following story: Because we feel that it is our call to bring these people to be enlightened and to understand the worth of human dignity. Interview Drake On Communism 26 During his interview with the three missionaries Drake focuses on three topics: The community-centric aspect of these schools was welcomed by Angolans while, consequently, the most conservative aspects of their pedagogy was appealing to the Portuguese.

The story the missionaries tell is that of a group of workers who decided not to work until they got better pay. If they [the Portuguese] would admit that something is wrong and try to do something about it, there might be some hope.

In February, a revolt happened in Luanda in which there is an attempt, without positive results, to overtake the prisons in order to free the political prisoners. Galen Drake follows up by asking if they thought that Angolans felt righteous in their rebellious actions and if that there was an injustice being thrust upon Angolans?

Missionaries then took on the task of being civil negotiators between the white and black communities. Quessua became the heart and soul of the Methodists in Angola.

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The theological seminary provided training for all of Angola. The Portuguese were convinced that missionaries were acting as agents of the United States. He states that on Friday of that year [] and month [December] during a United Nations summit, the spokesman for Portugal said that a report, which had been issued by five countries in the UN, was false and the spokesman categorically denied everything that was written.


That set off a chain reaction in the area. Given the independence of the Belgium Congo, June ofit was almost impossible to stop its effects and repercussions in Portuguese Angola. This insurrection marked the beginning of the colonial war. According to him, 20 It seems to us that the Portuguese have difficulty acknowledging any fault that may lie with them. They stated that while they were practicing, the Portuguese were preaching.

The Portuguese refused to educate the African population.

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Abril5 A huge hospital served a wide geographic area. For example the Decree 77 which required that Portuguese be spoken in all schools in the colony and that all teachers pass an examination in Portuguese. In the s, the Portuguese colonial state began to invest in Catholic missions.

He, however, remembers being interviewed when he arrived in New York.

I think that was the United States position. This was most likely a lapse of memory.