July 11, 2019

Icom automatic antenna tuner, Manufacturer’s Part Number AT, matches the SSB transceiver to a long wire or whip antenna with little insertion loss. for the AT/ATE/AT HF AUTOMATIC ANTENNA are registered trademarks of Icom Incorporated (Japan) in the United States, the United Kingdom. Find great deals for Icom AT Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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This unit works great with the following Icom radios, IC-mkii, mkiig and pro3.

The versatile AT can be used with a variety of vessels, even smaller at10 that cannot use a long antenna element. Use a choke balun to reduce shield radiation. Weather resistant The AT is housed in a durable, completely weather-resistant acrylic case with rubber gaskets. No problem in tuning a long wire.

Should be a interesting experiment.

ICOM AT – Watt HF Auto Wire Antenna Tuner – AT

I’m limited as to the amount of RF i can put through it iclm watts is OK for me and as i said i have a balanced antenna i just connect the icok wire feeder directly to the atu, one leg of the feeder to the hot side and the other to the ground, and a common mode choke at the feed point between atu and transceiver.

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Getting the AT to autotune when it sees a new carrier seems impossible. When tuning the same frequency twice, it is all over in less than a second.

After some dramas rigging up an antenna mainly a height issuethe unit appears to work well. The main benefit of the ‘ is cost. Getting it to play with non – Icom radios is possible, but probably not in a fully automatic sense. I normally turn my down to watts which is plenty. Quick tune-up Improved tuning performance…the tune-up time is less than 3 seconds in any frequency on an HF marine band. Contact the site with comments or questions.

It appears it needs to also “be told” with a switch.

ICOM AT – Techno Marine – Marine Safety & Electronics

The AT manual is very skimpy. I repair marine electronic equipment for a living, so I have the advantage of being very familiar with this unit.

The manual says words to the effect of “Voltage input to trigger the start of the tuning cycle.

If all antenna and ground requirements are met, the tuner will find a match pretty fast. What it really means is “ground this input if you want it to start tuning”.

I recently got my brand new AT working. I purchased the unit while I was on holiday so I’d be forced to read through the manual for a few days before trying to hook it up. My main gripe is the manual.


Icom AT130

Reviews Summary for Icom AT Low power tune-up The AT emits very little output power just mW during the tuning process. If you want the technical details, send me a email.

Unacceptable in a marine HF system. One drawback to icmo the AT with the is that every time I would change bands or frequency ranges the tuner would automatically tune.

You have to manually start the tuning process for any new frequency. By design, it wants to end feed a random wire. I’ve ended up with a little black box that attaches to the top of the radio and has a ‘tune’ button.

No manual tuning is needed. Normally 8 Volts, when less than 1 volt is recieved a tune cycle kcom commence”. At home I was feeding my balanced antenna with open-wire feeders directly from the AT with no choke on the coax and control line.