May 17, 2019

So in this case all related M3UA configuration (links/associations) is done at MGW and all SCCP configuration (ssn, pointcodes & Global Titles). SolutionPack for Ericsson MGW Summary Sheet. Overview; Technical specifications; Where to find the latest SolutionPack software; Performing prerequisite. FGC Uen Rev G Ericsson Media Gateway for Mobile Networks, M-MGw R5 Network Impact Report Ericsson Media Gateway for Mobile.

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For circuit switched traffic the M-MGw processes the user plane part of the Iu interface. Here is an example of the name of a raw PM file: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the new Mn interface the feature follows this specification: The following table lists the GMP V2.

The following new Managed Objects have been added: This way the impact of M-MGw upgrade on network level is minimized. The upgrade to Eticsson R5 is performed either as a soft upgrade6 or as a hard upgrade6.

The M-MGw has several built in interfaces to be able to support seamless connection to both existing and new nodes in the network. The following attributes are added to existing Managed Objects: Combining them allows for a maximum data throughput of The MSC Server mgs initiate the creation of connections in the underlying bearer network.

These base configurations support core network based on IP. The Media Gateway has built in interfaces to be able to support seamless connection to both existing and new nodes in the network. UDP checksum support has been removed. Retrieved from ” https: March Learn how and when to remove this template message. The M-MGw R5 node fricsson soft upgrade with ericssno limited to the boards with concerned software upgrade or update.


This page was last edited on 4 Octoberat M-MGw Node Manager is executed as an application. This is described in ITU standard V. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. New Performance Measurement PM counters have been added, see chapter 5.

Enhancements in M-MGw R5. Skip to main content. The node reboot impact of a hard upgrade is approximately 90 seconds system down time per node. Now only site external traffic is taken into account in static admission control decisions. Interactive messaging capacity has been increased from to simultaneous announcements enhancement valid for base configurations and With the feature Compressed Speech on Nb Interface it will be possible erifsson carry speech over the core network in a compressed format.

Report display problems What to do if data does not appear in any reports What to do if data does not appear in some reports Viewing collector errors in the Collector-Manager log files.

Ericsson MGW Basic docs

The following new Managed Object has been added: Preventive Cyclic Retransmission is needed if narrowband MTP2 signaling links are carried over satellite links and over other links with long delays. Alarms The following new alarms have been added: Expansion paths of GMP V2. It is eericsson to use this feature for each interface type Iu, Nb and Mb-interfaces.

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New Performance Management counters have been added.

Media gateway

The required GPB version has been added. In situations where network level redundancy is utilized, the M-MGw node upgrades shall preferably be performed as hard upgrades. This document revision includes the features of both the M-MGw R5. The possibility to define a group mtw MOs.

The redundant M-MGw nodes shall be gracefully locked and upgraded one at a time. Bandwidth savings are achieved by multiplexing of different user plane connections within one IP packet. Though, the whole upgrade procedure takes ericson longer with pre- checks, locking, unlocking etc.

The M-MGw provides a set of advanced media stream functions for speech and data processing.

Media gateway – Wikipedia

Also handover between two GSM coverage areas for mgww services is supported. Install the latest core software update for your product suite. The text explicitly describes when functionality is only applicable to a certain M-MGw Ericsso release. For new installations, only GMP V3. The environment minimum requirements are presented in table 11 below. Scripting enables batch processing and mass configuration.

Mobile access media gateways connect the radio access networks of a public land mobile network PLMN to a next-generation core network.