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The Black Camel has ratings and 39 reviews. Amber M. said: This was not my kind of book, at all. It was probably not terrible, and perhaps even well. A mysterious millionaire with a penchant for strange pets takes a flyer on a string of pearls and finds that death is the broker. “Charlie Chan embarks on an. Charlie Chan has 62 ratings and 8 reviews. Bobby said: I have always maintained that Earl Derr Biggers’ blend of romanticism and mystery is second to non.

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Charlie Chan: Five Complete Novels

In another first for the Chinese detective from Honolulu, this mystery will move Chan to facilitate biggesr flight of someone involved deeply in a murder and its aftermath. I kept picturing Warner Oland, the best movi Fascinating look at a time in our history now long gone.

Following his graduation from Harvard inhe worked briefly for the Cleveland Plain Dealer and at Bobbs-Merrill publishers. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. I entirely recommend this book. Well done, Earl Derr Biggers. All important information and evidence must be disclosed to the reader and the investig This may be one of the best “who done it mystery” books ever.

As in the first Charlie Chan novel, The House Without a Key, Biggers writes a mystery and romance in which Charlie plays an integral part while not being the main focus. Fox hired another white actor, Sidney Toler eafl, to play Charlie Chan, and produced eleven Chan films through Never tire of the oldies but goodies.

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Nov 25, Graham Carter rated it it was amazing. These are surprisingly good mystery novels, with Charlie Chan derf the master sleuth but not the central character.

Charlie Chan: Five Complete Novels by Earl Derr Biggers

If you like mysteries, especially those from this time period, then get off your butt and go read these pronto. He is more grizzled and tough. Cohan bought the dramatic rights to the book and produced a Broadway play that enjoyed a lengthy run. The Black Camel is another charming addition to the Charlie Chan mystery series. Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo.

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San Francisco’s Bob Eden is a young man about town until his father brokers Sally Jordan’s expensive string of pearls. On top of this he speaks so eloquently, it’s just lovely. The plot involves a reclusive financial magnate, his personal staff a very valuable pearl necklace a growing assortment of shady characters, the requisite female romantic interest, the white guy demi-hero and visiting Charlie Chan, on a busman’s’ holiday from the Honolulu Police Dept. Unlike the first book, which was set in Hawaii, this book is biggegs mostly near the fictional town of Eldorado in the California desert, possibly near the city of Pasadena.

Interesting characters and a good plot. Biggers loosely based Chan on HonoluluHawaii, detective Chang Apanaand conceived of the benevolent and heroic Chan as an alternative to Yellow Peril stereotypes and villains like Fu Manchu.

The Chinese Parrot

She tells Traneverro the Great that she knows who the killer was in the famous murder of Denny Mayo from Shelah Fane, a star whose glittering ride at the top is quickly coming to an end. Years later, while attending Harvard University, Biggers showed little passion for the classics, preferring instead writers such as Rudyard Kipling and Richard Harding Davis.

So, I didn’t expect much from the novels.

It didn’t matter that I suspected who was responsible the entire time If both are your cup of tea, this great classic is definitely for you. In each successive book, in fact, the complexity and surprise accompanying the solving of the crime becomes more intense. Tatyana Apine rated it really liked it Jul 07, In an era when many Americans were ethnocentric, understanding of cultures and sensitivity were lacking. For one thing, the Chinese Parrot falls ill almost as soon as they arrive at the villa and the owner of the villa seems VERY out-of-sorts and not acting himself.

However, I’m not one to write-off an author after only one story, so I’ll be keeping my eye out for another Charlie Chan mystery. Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum. This may be one of the best “who done it mystery” books ever.

The central focus is not so much “Who done it? Anyone who does will see that Chan is portrayed as intelligent, hard-working, and respectful of authority which, by the way, were once considered virtues but hardly allows himself to be treated as a doormat by “the white man”.

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Earl Derr Biggers moves from the lush tropical islands of Hawaii, surrounded by their sea of clear waters, in the first novel, to the deserts of Southern California, surrounded by their sea of sand and arid air. After the publication of this book inBiggers returned to Honolulu, staying at the newly opened Royal Hawaiian Hotel where he met Chang Apana, 4 presenting him with an autographed copy. There is no body anywhere. Refresh and try again. So, the intrigue for readers of the peri This one comes the closest to mimicking the early Charlie Chan films, although it naturally appeared before them.

They decide to stall rather than part with the pearls, however, after the words of a Chinese parrot indicate something terrible may have happened prior to their arrival. He is respected wherever he goes by the people who count, notwithstanding occasional racists. A deal is arranged by Eden, a prominent San Francisco jeweler and friend of the lady’s family.

It started strong but then wandered. Oct 16, Susan rated it liked it Shelves: Strange, slightly shifty people begin showing up at the ranch. Also notable is the mobility of the camera early in the film and, later, the downright Expressionistic scenes of horror mystery with Tarneverro’s crystal ball and as Chan begins to uncover the murder.

He directs them to deliver the necklace only to him in New York, but then the jeweler receives a call ordering the necklace to be delivered to his ranch retreat in Arizona. Chan is once again in Honolulu, after trips to Southern California in book two and San Francisco in book three, but this is not the same Honolulu of the opening novel.