May 12, 2019

what Psalms and readings tend to be used in a Tenebrae service? I would like to put one together for our little community for Holy Week next. Tenebrae Candlesticks Tenebrae candlestick “Tenebrae” is the name given to the service of Matins and Lauds belonging to the last three days of Holy Week. ‘Tenebrae’ sounds weird, but even though it is somber, it might end up being your favorite church service.

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In the Roman Catholic Church etnebrae, “Tenebrae” is the name given to the celebration, with special ceremonies, of Matins and Laudsthe first two hours of the Divine Officeof the last sefvice days of Holy Week.

The first part of the service is Matinswhich in its pre form is composed of three nocturnseach consisting of three psalms, a short versicle and response, a silent Pater Nosterand three readings “lessons”each followed by a responsory.

The Jesuit Institute -Tenebrae

Tenebrae-like services however also continue in other forms:. Christ in his shroud origin unknown. It can be dramatic and different and provides a good alternative to Mass for ending the term before Easter.


Gregorio Allegri ‘s setting of the Miserere psalmto be sung at the Tenebrae Lauds, is one of the best known compositions for the service. Augustineand the lessons of the third nocturn from the Epistles.

What is Tenebrae? What is a Tenebrae service?

But Jesus, our Light, though despised and hidden, is not extinguished. Psalm 37 Psalm And so, in this liturgy, we are invited to walk solemnly and attentively with Jesus.

Canticle of Moses Exodus Be still and know that God is here. First Reading Mtt The six altar candles are put out during the Benedictus, and then any remaining lights in the church.

This needs to be given some thought so it is done in a dignified and dramatic way using a snuffer rather than blowing it out perhaps. Psalm 14 Psalm The Week tendbrae Salvation: The lessons from Jeremias in the first Nocturn, those from the Commentaries of St.

But it can be effective, especially as it is followed by silence and dismissal in silence. It is traditional sservice pause after the words of the fifth reading “Then Jesus cried again with a loud voice and breathed his last.


Everyone who attended said it was the most moving service they had ever been tenebrze. It was the first time they experienced a Tenebrae service, so I prepared them for it. John of the Cross Books by St. Several of the PNCC clergy, vested with cantorsare seated at the high place and the service is chanted.

Teresa of Avila St. Views Read Edit View history.

Alphonsus Ligouri Books by St. But no matter which Scripture and music are selected, the pattern of extinguishing the candles and the overhead lights and restoring the Christ candle remains the same.

Robert Appleton Company, At this point, the service ends.

What is a Tenebrae Service?

Mary Magdalene Toronto is notable for the excellence of its music, of which the musical Tenebrae services are exemplary. If you think you can pull it off with your pupils, it may be worth trying: Psalm 73 Psalm Psalm numbering according to Vulgate.

Canticle of Ezechias Isaiah