December 28, 2018

Find great deals on eBay for RCA 6SL7 in Vintage Tubes and Tubes Sockets. Shop with confidence. Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. $ or over (2). Production Status. New Old Stock (6); New Production (3). Type. Vacuum Tubes (9). 6SL7. JJ 6SL7 Preamp Vacuum Tube. $ JJ-6SL7 .

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These milspec versions are an endangered species, and stocks may be wiped out when the series of tubes vanish. RCA used the famous blackplates and a bottom getter, as did early Sylvania. They have the gray colored coating inside the glass so the plates are hidden from view.

Only a few on hand today. According to the TungSol manual, the difference is the brown micanol base, minimized leakage and gas currents and both triode units have balanced plate currents. Or at least try to determine which is the least microphonic if I ever build a phono stage around them. Earlier versions made in the 50’s, 60’s had brown bases and nice thick mica wafers for extra support and superior microphonic elimination.

Usually it is about half of what priority is. To my knowledge, there were not any metal shell versions made.


The plate is also cylindrical in shape rather than flat like its close relative the 6SN7. New Mexico Sold by: RCA made these in their famous “red base” line, identified by their red marbled micanol base. These are great 6SL7 substitutes said to sound sweet, but are rare. It is, in the proper circuit, a wonderful sounding tube, and audiophiles would 6ls7 well to try the NOS vintage 6SL7 tubes before buying anything currently made today. These are rare early s Tung Sol military blackplates, with the early white label on black bases, nicely matched in pairs.

This tube has much higher mu than it’s cousin, the 6SN7. This is the early version of this tube, from the s, some with an internal RF shield sprayed on the inside of the glass. Come ‘n get ’em. This is a very good, very rare dual triode.

Some 6sk7 smoked glass. This month I am presenting a high mu dual triode. They are gorgeous visually and give These are the military versions of these tubes.

This great tube gives a great sound and will last a long time.

These usually have high-mounted cylindrical plates, and brown micanol bases. GE tubes are very well made tubes and sound great. I have 1 excellent rca red base 3 mica black plate tube.


VinylSavor: Tube of the Month : The 6SL7

These are all great vintage tubes. These are all 6el7 old tubes as National Union disappeared shortly after the war. A few have other brands on the label, but are RCA made.

Compared to the micanol base version:. This runs 6ls7 tube at full rated plate voltage, and plots the curves at 10 different grid bias levels.

The 6SL7 was never as popular as the 6SNdue to the 6SN7’s widespread use in television chassis designso this tube does not turn up as often whenever vintage tubes are being sold. If you want to use any material 6zl7 my blog please contact me by email. New Old Stock original Box. Save big on these scarce tubes!!

Some made for Ken-Rad and National Union. These are great matched pairs, get a real at a savings! Short and medium glass envelopes. Early version ‘s and early 50’s.

Later versions made during the 50’s and 60’s have clear glass with the getter down toward the bottom of the tube.